Site Reliability Engineer

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As our SRE, you will own our production and integration environments, including deployment, upgrades, monitoring, and general supervision.

You will closely interact with our engineering teams, as well as with our partners, to ensure all the above operates smoothly and efficiently. 

You will initiate, define and run work processes and process improvements relating to operating these environments. 


You will also be responsible for handling IT issues: setting up, managing, and troubleshooting our computers, software and networks, to ensure all employees have the technology they need to complete their work and that the company’s data is safe and intact.


The right candidate:

  • Has at least 2 years of hands-on experience in production engineering or similar roles
  • Is experienced with the Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems and their ecosystem
  • Is experienced with public cloud environments (preferably AWS and GCP)
  • Is experienced with monitoring and alerting systems
  • Has good personal relations and communication skills, Service-oriented.
  • Is a problem solver with self-learning and critical thinking skills.
  • Can be available for alerts after regular working hours (happens rarely).

Ideally experienced with:

  • Working in a startup environment
  • Developing in Python (or other high-level languages)
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Database technologies (SQL and NoSQL)
  • Managing users and permissions
  • Blockchain technologies and applications
  • CI/CD and TDD methodologies