We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and creating a thriving community of developers using STARK technology to build a multitude of dApps and services


Cairo is the first production-grade platform for generating STARK proofs for general computation. It is Turing Complete, and highly efficient. Everything we’ve been building is written in Cairo.


Build your own STARK prover from scratch with our online tutorial

StarkWare Labs

A StarkWare experiment

StarkWare Labs is the home we created for experimental code that we and others develop.


An open-source STARK Prover & Verifier

Use ethSTARK to compress chains of computations of the Rescue hash function at high throughput. This work was generously funded by the Ethereum Foundation.


A STARK-Friendly Hash Function

Rescue is a STARK-friendly hash function that was commissioned by the Ethereum foundation and chosen after a public challenge by a selection committee of cryptographic experts.

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