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Blockchain Researcher

Our product team researches and defines the unique product direction of this technology, in a market that’s forming in front of our very eyes.

As our Blockchain Researcher, you will work with industry-leading algorithm and software developers inside the company to be part of the research and development of this new technology and with these leading global forces translate this into the new financial market products of the future.

  • You will learn and understand the technology and its potential – both from the algorithmic and the software aspect.
  • You will research technologies in the blockchain space, define potential use cases, lead the development and implementation of such use cases as part of a coherent product roadmap.
  • You will provide strategic direction to the engineering team and design and build our future products.
  • You will write blog posts & whitepapers to develop the awareness of our technology and market.

What you need to succeed

  • Excellent quantitative and analytical skills
  • Strong technological background, ideally an advanced degree in Mathematics or Computer Science
  • Experience working with complex software systems and with algorithms
  • Ability to articulate the overall vision and break it down into “develop-able” products and features
  • Demonstrated leadership capabilities
  • Familiarity with the relevant fields: advanced financial products, mathematical algorithms, blockchain – an advantage
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Lead Software Infrastructure Engineer

As our Lead Software Infrastructure Engineer, you will design and develop infrastructure code, both applicative (as part of our products: inter-process communications, discovery, caching, etc.) and operational (i.e. automating production and common dev activities).

We believe in writing code (as opposed to manual operations) for common everyday processes such as compilation and build, code review, source control, continuous integration and automated testing.

This entails both use of existing technologies and tools (including cloud-based services) and building our own mechanisms. Since we’re a young startup, much of these need to be built from scratch (choose the right technologies and tools, design the solutions and develop them).

What you need to succeed

  • At least 5 years of SW development experience (Python would be nice)
  • University graduate in Computer Science
  • Love trying out new technologies and finding the right balance between building mechanisms from scratch and using what’s out there
  • Deep familiarity with the Linux operating system, its internals and ecosystem
  • Want to build complex, high-scale, high-performance systems

Ideally experience in:

  • CI/CD methodology and tools
  • AWS and/or other major cloud platforms
  • Blockchain technologies
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Senior C++ Software Engineer

As our Senior C++ Software Engineer you will design and develop complex high-performance, high-quality software, spanning across our core algorithms (building and optimizing STARK provers and verifiers), application logic (supporting the business flows of the products that run on top of the algorithm) and infrastructure (enabling all this).

C++ is the main language we use (since performance is paramount), but certain portions of the code are also written in other languages (e.g. Python, assembly, Solidity) – the wider your interests and abilities, the better.

What you need to succeed

  • At least 5 years of development experience in C++ or other object-oriented languages
  • University graduate in Computer Science (with a high GPA)
  • Want to build complex, high-scale, high-performance software
  • Curious by nature and a quick learner

Ideally experience with:

  • Algorithm development
  • Cryptographic primitives and protocols
  • Advanced OOM and design patterns
  • Performance optimizations
  • Linux operating system, its internals and ecosystem
  • Blockchain technologies
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