Software Architect

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StarkWare is a well-funded startup taking on the two major challenges plaguing the blockchain ecosystem – scalability and privacy. We’re building an innovative tech stack that includes zero-knowledge proofs, blockchain technologies, and modern cryptography.

What’s it like to work with us?

  • We have a creative start-up environment
  • We built a strong team, including leading researchers from the Technion and UC Berkeley
  • You will get to work at the forefront of blockchain applications and technologies
  • You will learn a lot
  • We strongly believe in having a personal life and encourage work-life balance.
  • We actively work to build a diverse team


As our software architect, you will be responsible for designing complex state-of-the-art financial systems under unique and challenging constraints:

  • Hybrid system – partially runs off the blockchain, partially on-chain (having the challenge of unguaranteed transaction finalization)
  • Adversarial environment, where the software service needs to protect the clients from potentially malicious service operators
  • Leveraging the STARK zero-knowledge proof system (and other cryptographic constructs) to provide security while maintaining scalability

You will play a central role in our development cycle, working on the solution requirements with customers and product managers, and on the system design and implementation with the engineering teams. You will be responsible for designing the system and communicating it to the different stakeholders in a clear format (both in person and in writing).

Success is measured by design clarity, and eventually by the robustness and flexibility of the system implementing it. A good design enables quick implementation at the first phase, while supporting easy expansion for features and scale.

The right candidate:

  • Is a university graduate in computer science, with a high GPA
  • Has at least 7 years of software development experience, designing and building complex, production-grade systems
  • Has experience with advanced OOM and design patterns
  • Has very good communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Is curious by nature and a quick learner
  • Has a hands-on, “getting things done” mentality

Ideally experienced with:

  • Applied cryptography
  • Implementation of services in a microservice architecture
  • Algorithm development
  • Performance optimizations
  • Linux operating system, its internals, and ecosystem
  • Python and c++
  • AWS/GCP or other cloud platforms
  • Blockchain technologies
  • CI/CD and TDD methodologies


If that’s you – we’d love to hear from you.