DevOps Engineer

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As our DevOps Engineer, you will design and develop code supporting all of StarkWare operational needs. We believe in infrastructure as code (as opposed to manual operations) for common everyday processes such as compilation and build, code review, source control, continuous integration, and automated testing.

This entails both use of existing technologies and tools (including cloud-based services) and building our own mechanisms.

The right candidate:

  • Has at least 2 years of DevOps experience
  • Loves trying out new technologies and finding the right balance between building mechanisms from scratch and using what’s out there
  • Wants to build complex, high-scale, high-performance systems
  • Has experience with Linux operating system, its internals and ecosystem
  • Is curious by nature and a quick learner

Ideally experienced with:

  • AWS/GCP or other cloud platforms
  • Kubernetes, Docker or similar container technologies
  • CI/CD methodology and tools (Jenkins, TerraForm etc)
  • NoSQL data store (AeroSpike, Redis, RedShift etc)
  • Monitoring / Alerting Infrastructure (Kibana, Graphana, OpsGenie etc)
  • Blockchain technologies

If that’s you – we’d love to hear from you.

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