Front-End Engineer

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As a Front-End Engineer, you will design and develop from scratch the FE of StarkNet, our blockchain scalability platform, which will be used by blockchain development teams to build their dApps.
You will design the system, take part in making the technological decisions on which it would be based, develop it and take it all the way to successful deployment.
You will closely interact with our BE teams and product managers, as well as with the blockchain developer community, which is the platform’s target audience. 



The right candidate: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Has at least 2 years of hands-on Front-End/Full-Stack development experience
  • Has high coding standards and cares for good, readable and maintainable code 
  • Is familiar with leading FE frameworks (Angular, Vue, React) 
  • Masters the holy trinity of Javascript (preferably ES6), HTML, and CSS
  • Has good personal relations and communication skills 
  • Is curious by nature and a quick learner 



Ideally experienced with: 

  • BE development 
  • Database technologies (SQL and NoSQL) 
  • Microservice architecture 
  • Working in a startup environment 
  • Blockchain technologies and applications 
  • Cryptography – primitives, and protocols 
  • Linux operating system and its ecosystem 
  • CI/CD and TDD methodologies 



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