STARK @ Home 24: Fireside chat with Professor Dan Boneh

Join Professor Dan Boneh of Stanford University for an enlightening exploration into the vast world of cryptography, right here on StarkWare. This video delves into the evolution of cryptographic technologies, the transformative advancements in STARKs and SNARKs, and the promising horizon of post-quantum cryptography.

Discover the pioneering work leading the charge against quantum computing threats, and dive into the cutting-edge cryptographic primitives, such as obfuscation and witness encryption, poised to redefine data privacy and blockchain functionalities. Professor Boneh also ventures into the ethical dimensions of cryptography, emphasizing the societal impacts and responsibilities of cryptographers in today’s digital landscape.

This session not only offers a deep dive into the technical complexities of cryptography but also presents a reflective view on its broader implications for privacy, security, and trust in our digital age. Engage with one of the field’s most respected voices for a compelling narrative on cryptography’s past, present, and future.

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