STARK Technology Journey – Session 23 with Eli Ben-Sasson

In this blog post, we feature a video by Prof. Eli Ben-Sasson, co-founder and president of StarkWare. Prof. Ben-Sasson introduces STARK technology, drawing on C.S. Lewis’s insights on integrity to explain the complex mathematics behind computational integrity.

The journey begins in 1991 with the foundational principle of STARK technology, likened to a reliable computer overseeing unpredictable supercomputers. This analogy demonstrates how computational assertions can be simplified into something as straightforward as Sudoku puzzles, illustrating a method for achieving accurate verification.

The presentation then explores the evolution of STARK technology from PCP (Probabilistically Checkable Proofs) technology, highlighting its scalability and utility. This development underscores STARK’s role in enabling oversight of large corporations, promoting transparency and fairness.

Prof. Ben-Sasson also discusses the integration of STARK technology with blockchain, establishing a scalable computational framework noted for its integrity.

StarkWare, a leader in STARK technology, is recognized for innovations such as StarkEx, Cairo, and Starknet. The video delves into the core principles of STARKs and StarkWare’s commitment to technological advancement.

Concluding, Prof. Ben-Sasson offers his perspective on the future of StarkWare and STARK technology, envisioning a decentralized, growing Starknet ecosystem.

This video provides an educational overview of STARK technology’s impact on scalable computing. Subscribe to our blog for updates on STARK technology and StarkWare’s innovations.

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