Committee Signature Verifier

contract Committee is FactRegistry, Identity
function identify()
returns (string memory)
function verifyAvailabilityProof(bytes32 claimHash, bytes calldata availabilityProofs)

Verifies the availability proof. Reverts if invalid. An availability proof should have a form of a concatenation of ec-signatures by signatories. Signatures should be sorted by signatory address ascendingly. Signatures should be 65 bytes long. r(32) + s(32) + v(1). There should be at least the number of required signatures as defined in this contract and all signatures provided should be from signatories.

See AvailabilityVerifiers for more information on when this is used.

  • claimHash – The hash of the claim the committee is signing on. The format is keccak256(abi.encodePacked( newVaultRoot, vaultTreeHeight, newOrderRoot, orderTreeHeight sequenceNumber))

  • availabilityProofs – Concatenated ec signatures by committee members.