StarkWare Polaris Prover License 

Version 1.0 dated January, 2021

This license contains the terms and conditions under which StarkWare Industries, Ltd (“StarkWare”) makes available its Prover software at [link to source code repository to be released at a later date] (“Prover”). Your use of the Prover is subject to these terms and conditions. 

StarkWare grants you (“Licensee”) a license to use, modify, and redistribute the Prover, but only (a) for Non-Commercial Use, or (b) for Commercial Use only where every Proof generated by the Prover is submitted only to a Polaris Verifier.

If Licensee makes available a copy of the Prover to any third party, the Prover must be subject to the terms of this license only, and Licensee must provide a copy of this license to that third party. All restrictions and conditions of this license apply to the Prover or any portion or modification of the Prover made under this license.

These terms do not allow Licensee to sublicense or transfer any of Licensee’s rights to anyone else. These terms do not imply any other licenses not expressly granted in this license.

If Licensee violates any of these terms, or uses the Prover in a way not authorized under this license, the license granted to Licensee ends immediately. If Licensee makes, or authorizes any other person to make, any written claim that the Prover, or any other StarkWare Product, infringes or contributes to infringement of any patent, all rights granted to Licensee under this license end immediately. 

As far as the law allows, the Prover is provided AS IS, without any warranty or condition, and StarkWare will not be liable to Licensee for any damages arising out of these terms or the use or nature of the Prover or any Polaris Verifier, under any kind of legal claim.

Terms in this license are used as follows:

A “StarkWare Product” is any product or service offered by StarkWare or its affiliates. 

Non-Commercial Use” means academic, scientific, or research and development use, or evaluating the Prover, but does not include the creation of a publicly available blockchain, nor uses where Proofs generated by the Prover and submitted to a blockchain network or other distributed-ledger technology systems facilitate any transaction of economic value. Any use that is not a Non-Commercial Use is a “Commercial Use.”

A “Polaris Verifier” is a point of interface that is expressly authorized by StarkWare, to which the Prover will send its proofs, which may include a smart contract address for a verifier, and which may specify a blockchain (such as Ethereum mainnet) on which that smart contract is deployed. Polaris Verifiers are listed at [link to source code repository to be released at a later date], and StarkWare may add to this list from time to time, but will not remove Polaris Verifiers.

To “use” means any use, modification, distribution or other exploitation of the Prover or any part of it.

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