Ran Grinshtein

Director of Finance

Ran started his professional path 12 years ago in KPMG and was an associate auditor working with public companies, mostly in the medical device industry. Before joining StarkWare, Ran worked for over 7 years in Mazor Robotics, a medical device company, traded on Nasdaq and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, as Sr. Director of Finance, in charge of financial reporting, controllership, legal and compliance activities. After Mazor Robotics was acquired by Medtronic, Ran was appointed to head its finance department.

Ran is a Certified Public Accountant with a B.A. in Management from the Open University, a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University, Masters’ degree in Legal Studies from Bar-Ilan University, and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Tel-Aviv University.  (probably means he likes to learn…)

In his spare time, Ran likes to assemble jigsaw puzzles and do escape rooms with his wife.



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