Harish Devarajan

Harish Devarajan is an independent director on StarkWare’s Board of Directors.

Harish serves as CEO of Deep Value, a firm active in US equity trading and crypto currency trading. The firm has staff in Chicago, New York, and Chennai (India). On the equities side, the firm has traded over two trillion dollars in the aggregate in US equities since 2010; and on its highest volume days has traded over 5% of the overall US stock market volume. Harish is active in trading cryptocurrencies at most major liquidity venues for cryptocurrencies, and also, via an affiliate, investing in ICOs and cryptocurrency startups. Prior to Deep Value, Harish Devarajan worked at a proprietary trading desk at Deutsche Bank in New York as its Chief Operating Officer. Harish holds advanced degrees in computer science and mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

Joey Krug

Joey Krug is a board observer on StarkWare’s Board of Directors.

Joey is co-CIO at Pantera Capital, one of the largest blockchain-focused investment firms, which he joined in 2017. He is co-founder of the Forecast Foundation, which contributes to the development of Augur (a decentralized oracle and prediction market protocol), and Beam (a cryptocurrency that borrows elements of traditional currencies). Prior to Pantera, Joey built a Point-of-Sale sound-based payment system.

Outside of the blockchain space, Joey co-started a top-ranked AngelList Syndicate. He is a Thiel Fellow and an Edmund Hillary Fellow. In his free time Joey contributes to Pyethereum and enjoys reading.

Matt Huang

Matt Huang is a board member on StarkWare’s Board of Directors.

Matt Huang is the Co-Founder of Paradigm. From 2014 to 2018, Matt was a partner at Sequoia Capital focusing on early stage venture investments in internet and mobile companies while also leading the firm’s efforts in cryptocurrency. Prior to Sequoia, Matt was the founding Chief Executive Officer of Hotspots, a YCombinator-backed company that was acquired by Twitter in 2012. Matt is also a personal seed investor in companies such as Bytedance and Instacart. Matt holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.