Track Price Metrics on Starknet

In this video, we dive into the world of market information platforms on Starknet, the decentralized Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution. These platforms act as centralized data hubs, providing users with a comprehensive overview of digital assets and analytics – all in one convenient place.

Say goodbye to checking individual wallets and accounts! Market info platforms offer a single-click portfolio management solution, complete with user-friendly interfaces that even outshine traditional banking frontends.

We’ll be exploring four popular examples:

🌐 AVNU Market
The newly launched “Starknet Market” section gives you the lowdown on different Starknet tokens. Click on any token to access in-depth data like trading volumes and total value locked (TVL). Plus, that sleek front-end design is a real eye-catcher!

📊 Argent Portfolio
Argent recently unveiled the first portfolio tracker tool for Starknet. Simply connect your Starknet wallet, email, or ID, and voilà – your tokens, AMM LP assets, and JPEGs are all neatly displayed for efficient tracking.

📈 Geckoterminal & DEX Screener
Head to the Starknet section to explore various pools on the network. Filter options allow you to customize your view, while clicking on token pairs reveals deeper analytics.

Before making any moves, always DYOR and triple-check the legitimacy of platforms and information.

Join us as we navigate these game-changing market info hubs on the cutting-edge Starknet ecosystem!

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