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From Paper to Product

  • Jan 2018
    STARK Paper StarkWare incorporated
  • Oct 2018
    Demo: WASM Prover and Verifier 1st implementation of prover & verifier over WASM
  • Jan 2019
    Demo: Scaling Ethereum’s capacity 10X
  • Mar 2019
    Demo: Scaling Ethereum’s capacity 200X
  • June 2019
    StarkEx Alpha on public testnet
  • Sep 2019
    Demo: scaling Ethereum’s capacity 700X StarkWare Sessions
    STARK 101 Workshop
  • Oct 2019
    DeversiFi Scaling Partnership
  • Jan 2020
    Demo: Validium on public testnet 18K Self-Custodial tps
  • May 2020
    Immutable (Gods Unchained) Scaling Partnership
  • June 2020
    StarkEx on Ethereum Mainnet (powering DeversiFi) VeeDo (a STARK-Based VDF): PoC on Ethereum Mainnet
  • July 2020
    Reddit Bakeoff: StarkEx Rollup on Mainnet 1 Proof, 300K Tx

    ethSTARK:Open-Source ZKP Library (EF Grant)
  • Aug 2020
    dYdX Scaling Partnership Rescue:
    A STARK-Friendly Hash Function (EF Grant)
  • Sep 2020
    Cairo: Turing-Complete Language for STARKs
  • Nov 2020
    Ziggy STARK Post-Quantum secure signatures
  • Dec 2020
    StarkEx 2.0 Live on Mainnet
  • Dec 2020
    Cairo Toolchain and Playground Released


Eli Ben-Sasson Co-Founder, President
Uri Kolodny Co-Founder, CEO
Michael Riabzev Co-Founder, Chief Architect
Alessandro Chiesa Co-Founder, Chief Scientist
Adi Yakovian Engineering
Alon Dotan Engineering
Alon Frydberg Engineering
Alon Shtaierman Engineering
Alon Titelman Engineering
Areej Khoury Engineering
Avi Shapira Engineering
Avihu Levy Head of Product & Blockchain Research
Dafna Sadeh Engineering
Dan Brownstein Engineering
Dan Carmon Engineering
David Levit Engineering
Elin Tulchinsky Engineering
Gideon Kaempfer Head of Core Engineering
Ilya Lesokhin Engineering
Itay Rosenberg Engineering
Jonathan Caras Business Development
Kineret Segal Engineering
Lior Goldberg Head of Algebra
Louis Guthmann Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
Nitzan Grossman Marketing
Ofir David Engineering
Ohad Barta Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
Omri Eshhar Engineering
Oren Katz VP Engineering
Ran Grinshtein Director of Finance
Rimon Labin Engineering
Roi Amaler Engineering
Sarit Asta HR & Administrative Manager
Shahak Shama Engineering
Shahar Papini Engineering
Shahar Samocha Engineering
Shiri Perciger Head of Marketing
Tom Brand Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
Tzahi Taub Engineering
Yael Doweck Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
Zuphit Fidelman Engineering
Board Members
Harish Devarajan Independent Board Member
Joey Krug Board Observer
Matt Huang Board Member
Scientific Advisors
Avi Wigderson
Madhu Sudan
Shubhangi Saraf
Swastik Kopparty
Balaji Srinivasan
Joseph Lubin
Naval Ravikant
Tom Glocer
Zak Stone

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