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Who are we?

StarkWare develops STARK-based solutions for the blockchain industry. Our products facilitate secure, trustless, and scalable blockchain applications.

Our Products

StarkWare develops StarkEx, a standalone permissioned Validity-Rollup, and Starknet, a permissionless decentralized ZK-Rollup.

We Are Hiring!

We are looking for talented individuals to join our engineering and product ranks.

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  • Oren
    Oren Katz COO
  • Eli Ben-Sasson Co-Founder, CEO
  • Avihu Levy CPO

Scientific Advisors

  • Avi_Wigderson
    Avi Wigderson
  • Shafi Goldwasser
    Shafi Goldwasser
  • Noam Nisan
    Noam Nisan
  • Madhu Sudan
    Madhu Sudan
  • Shubhangi Saraf
    Shubhangi Saraf
  • Swastik Kopparty
    Swastik Kopparty
  • Alessandro
    Alessandro Chiesa Co-Founder
  • Peter Van Valkenburgh
    Peter Van Valkenburgh


  • Balaji Srinivasan
  • Joseph Lubin
    Joseph Lubin
  • Naval Ravikant
    Naval Ravikant
  • Tom Glocer
    Tom Glocer
  • Zak Stone
    Zak Stone

Board Members

  • Uri Kolodny Board Member
  • Harish
    Harish Devarajan Independent Board Member
  • Matt Huang
    Matt Huang Board Member
  • Paul Veradittakit
    Paul Veradittakit Board Observer

Contact Us

[email protected]
StarkWare Industries Ltd.
32 Ha’melacha St. Netanya
Israel, 4250567

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