Who are we?

StarkWare develops STARK-based solutions for the blockchain industry. Our products facilitate secure, trustless, and scalable blockchain applications.

Our Products

StarkWare develops StarkEx, a standalone permissioned Validity-Rollup, and StarkNet, a permissionless decentralized ZK-Rollup.

We Are Hiring!

We are looking for talented individuals to join our engineering and product ranks.

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Our Team

  • Eli Ben-Sasson Co-Founder, President
  • Uri Kolodny Co-Founder, CEO
  • Abdelhamid Bakhta Exploration Lead
  • Adi Shildan Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
  • Adi Yakovian Software Engineer
  • Alon Dotan Software TL
  • Alon Frydberg Software Engineer
  • Alon Haramati Software Engineer
  • Alon Shtaierman Software Engineer
  • Alon Titelman Software Engineer
  • Amalya Shnaps Marketing Specialist
  • Amos Rothberg Software Engineer
  • Anat Samohi Software Engineer
  • Anat Veredgorn Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
  • Ariel Elperin Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
  • Arnon Hod Software Engineer
  • Avi Cohen Software Engineer
  • Avihu Levy Head of Product
  • Aviv Zelevski Software Engineer
  • Bar Gal Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Barak Basson Software Engineer
  • Ben Goebel Exploration Dev
  • Dafna Matsry Software Engineer
  • Dan Brownstein Software TL
  • Dan Carmon Software Engineer
  • Dan Ziv FrontEnd Lead
  • Dana Avraham Employee Experience Specialist
  • Dana Kotik Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • David Barreto Developer Advocate
  • David Levit Software TL
  • Devorah Miller-Kwestel Marketing Specialist
  • Dori Medini Software TL
  • Elin Tulchinsky Software TL
  • Eran Reshef Software Engineer
  • Evyatar Oster Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
  • Gal Ron Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
  • Gideon Kaempfer Head of Core Engineering
  • Gilad Chase Software Engineer
  • Gnana Lakshmi Developer Advocate
  • Guy Velleman Software Engineer
  • Hadas Vilensky Marketing Producer
  • Haim Krasniker Head of Security
  • Henri Lieutaud Developer Advocate Lead
  • Ilia Volokh Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
  • Ilya Lesokhin Software Engineer
  • Itay Rosenberg Software TL
  • Itay Tsabary Software Engineer
  • Ittay Dror Chief Architect
  • Karin Ben David Marketing Producer Assistant
  • Kineret Segal Software TL
  • Laura Levi Director of Legal
  • Liat Barak-Shalem Bookkeeper and Payroll Controller
  • Lior Goldberg Starknet Core Group Manager
  • Liran Hees Richman Marketing Producer Assistant
  • Liron Hayman Business Development Manager
  • Louis Guthmann Ecosystem Lead
  • Lucas Levy Exploration Dev
  • Manmit Singh Developer Advocate
  • Manor Bareli Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
  • Matan Markind Software Engineer
  • Michal Cohen Bookkeeper
  • Moran Bromberg Controller
  • Nadia Solochtchanski Administrative Assistant
  • Nadin Jbara Software Engineer
  • Nitzan Grossman Head of Marketing
  • Noa Oved Software Engineer
  • Ofir Einhorn Marketing Specialist
  • Ofri Tamir Software Engineer
  • Ohad Barta Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
  • Oli Freuler Social Media and Content Manager
  • Omar Espejel Developer Advocate
  • Omri Eshhar Software TL
  • Or Marx Software Engineer
  • Oren Katz VP Engineering
  • Ori Friedlender Software Engineer
  • Ori Ziv Software TL
  • Ran Grinshtein Head of Finance
  • Raz Landau Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
  • Rei Henigman Software Engineer
  • Rimon Labin Software Engineer
  • Roee Gross Software Engineer
  • Roi Amaler Software TL
  • Sarit Asta HRBP
  • Shahak Shama Software Engineer
  • Shahar Papini Software Engineer
  • Shahar Samocha Software TL
  • Shai Mendelson Recruitment Coordinator
  • Shani Regev Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
  • Shay Geffen Software Engineer
  • Shiri Teichman Head of People
  • Steve Goodman Principal Technical Writer
  • Tal Wagner Marketing Specialist
  • Tamar Lawrence Talent Acquisition Leader
  • Tom Brand Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
  • Tzahi Taub Software Engineer
  • Yael Doweck Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
  • Yair Ansbacher Software Engineer
  • Yair Bakalchuk Software Engineer
  • Yoav Gross Software Engineer
  • Yonatan Iluz Software TL
  • Yuval Goldberg Software Engineer
  • Zuphit Fidelman Software Engineer

Scientific Advisors

  • Avi Wigderson
  • Shafi Goldwasser
  • Noam Nisan
  • Madhu Sudan
  • Shubhangi Saraf
  • Swastik Kopparty
  • Alessandro Chiesa Co-Founder
  • Peter Van Valkenburgh


  • Balaji Srinivasan
  • Joseph Lubin
  • Naval Ravikant
  • Tom Glocer
  • Zak Stone

Board Members

  • Harish Devarajan Independent Board Member
  • Matt Huang Board Member
  • Joey Krug Board Observer

Contact Us

[email protected]
StarkWare Industries Ltd.
32 Ha’melacha St. Netanya
Israel, 4250567

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