STARK is a proof system. It uses cutting-edge cryptography to provide polylogarithmic verification resources and proof size, with minimal and post-quantum-secure assumptions.


    Zero-Knowledge Inputs used by the off-chain prover are not exposed on the blockchain, thus protecting user’s privacy.
    Scalable Moving a computation off-chain reduces blockchain verification costs exponentially, while the creation process of off-chain proof costs roughly the same as asking a single blockchain node to run the computation.
    Transparent The security of ZK-STARKs does not rely on elaborate setup ceremonies (ceremonies that involve hazardous cryptographic “toxic waste”).
    ARgument of Knowledge STARK proofs can only be generated by an off-chain prover that actually executed the computation, along with all needed auxiliary inputs required by it.

What is ZK-STARK?

ZK-STARKs, invented by StarkWare, enforce the integrity and privacy of computations on blockchains, using novel cryptographic proofs and modern algebra. ZK-STARKs allow blockchains to move computations to a single off-chain STARK prover and then verify the integrity of those computations using an on-chain STARK Verifier.

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Scientific Advisors

  • Avi_Wigderson
    Avi Wigderson
  • Shafi Goldwasser
    Shafi Goldwasser
  • Noam Nisan
    Noam Nisan
  • Madhu Sudan
    Madhu Sudan
  • Shubhangi Saraf
    Shubhangi Saraf
  • Swastik Kopparty
    Swastik Kopparty
  • Alessandro
    Alessandro Chiesa
  • Peter Van Valkenburgh
    Peter Van Valkenburgh

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