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Who are We?

StarkWare is a well-funded startup developing scaling and privacy solutions for blockchains using the ZK-STARK technology.

Our team is building an innovative tech stack that includes Zero-knowledge Proofs (ZKP), blockchain technologies, and cryptography.

Together, we are not only rising to the challenges, we are redefining the paradigm.

Choosing StarkWare

“I wanted to take part in an interesting, challenging, and state of the art blockchain-related project... I came across StarkWare, which met exactly these requirements.”
Yael Doweck Product Manager & Blockchain Researcher
Adi Yakovian Engineering
Tzahi Taub Engineering
Sarit Asta HR & Administrative Manager
Gideon Kaempfer Head of Core Engineering

A Taste

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Ethereum's most performant scaling SaaS solution

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A permissionless decentralized Layer 2 Validity-Rollup

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Open Positions

If you are curious and tenacious, we'd like to hear from you.

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SW Group Manager - Israel

As our Backend Infrastructure Group Manager, you will lead the teams responsible for designing and developing the mechanisms used by all of our other engineering teams such as micro-services communications infrastructure, database abstractions, build and deployment tooling, monitoring and reporting...

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Senior Software Engineer - Israel

As our Senior Software Engineer in StarkWare, you will design and develop complex high-performance, high-quality software, spanning across algorithms, application logic, and infrastructure. Our system is built in a microservice architecture that interacts with external systems (such as the blockchain and our partners’ systems)...

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Front-End Engineer - Israel

As our Front-End Engineer, you will design and develop from scratch the FE of StarkNet, our blockchain scalability platform, which will be used by blockchain development teams to build their dApps.  You will design the system, take part in making...

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Compiler Engineer - Israel

Cairo is our language for building provable programs on blockchain.  As our Compiler Engineer, you will be part of the team developing Cairo (and potentially additional, higher-level, languages) and its tooling, and mainly its strong, efficient compiler.

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Software Engineering Student - Israel

StarkWare is a leading start-up in the blockchain industry, focused on solving one of the most challenging problems facing blockchain technology today - Scalability. The company's core algorithm, STARK (Scalable Transparent Argument of Knowledge), is a game-changing solution that allows...

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Product Manager - Israel

As our Product Manager you will:Guide, educate, and support new and existing clients. Understand the clients’ technology and their needs to offer them the best solution. Constantly learn about new technologies in the market. Develop the strategy and roadmap of...

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Blockchain Researcher / Product Manager - Israel

As a Blockchain Researcher / Product Manager, you will be responsible for our products, from the research phase until the start of the development for customers. You will work with industry-leading algorithm and software developers inside the company, take part...

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Marketing Content Writer - Israel

We are looking for a Marketing Content Writer to join us and be responsible for creating and editing content for all marketing-related tasks 

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Senior Marketing Specialist - Israel

StarkWare is a pioneer in cryptographic proofs (also called “zk proofs”), and the largest layer 2 Blockchain platform by transaction volume. Through our customers like dYdX (decentralised perpetuals trading), Sorare (NFTs for European Soccer, Major League Baseball and NBA) and...

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