StarkWare Sessions - Sep 16th 2019 @ Tel Aviv

StarkWare Sessions - Sep 16th 2019 @ Tel Aviv

bringing scalability and privacy to
a blockchain near you

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    Argument of


Private inputs are shielded


Prover time scales quasi-linearly with respect to a native computation, while verifier time scales logarithmically


Verifier messages are public coins - no trusted setup

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A proof can only be generated by a party knowing the private input



StarkWare solves the inherent problems of blockchains – scalability and privacy.

We develop a full proof-stack, using STARK technology to generate and verify proofs of computational integrity.

StarkWare’s cryptographic proofs are zero-knowledge, succinct, transparent and post-quantum secure.

Eli Ben-Sasson on STARK (shortened)

Watch the full version

Vitalik's 3-part series explaining STARK


Off-Chain Computations

STARK is an asymmetric protocol: the verifier’s work is exponentially smaller than the prover’s.

By conducting the prover’s work off-chain and verifying it on-chain, we allow blockchains to massively scale without requiring any trust assumptions.


Private Inputs are Shielded

The zero knowledge component of STARK allows for the shielding of private inputs without compromising computational integrity. Private information can be kept off-chain while verified on-chain.



StarkDEX is a scalability engine for DEXes (non-custodial exchanges) that will allow them to handle over 10,000 trades per block.

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StarkPay is a payment scalability engine based on STARK technology that offers a scalable capital-efficient non-custodial payment solution, with no liveness requirements.

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More applications coming soon.


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Eli Ben Sasson Co-Founder, Chief Scientist in the East
Alessandro Chiesa Co-Founder, Chief Scientist in the West
Uri Kolodny Co-Founder, CEO
Michael Riabzev Co-Founder, Chief Architect
Alon Frydberg Engineering
Alon Shtaierman Engineering
Areej Khoury Engineering
Avihu Levy Head of Product
Aviva Gatt HR
David Levit-Gurevich Engineering
Gideon Kaempfer Head of Core Engineering
Ilya Lesokhin Engineering
Itay Rosenberg Engineering
Kineret Segal Engineering
Lior Goldberg Head of Algebra
Louis Guthmann Product
Omri Eshhar Engineering
Oren Katz VP Engineering
Rimon Labin Engineering
Ronny Sherer Engineering
Shahar Papini Engineering
Shir Peled Head of Backend Engineering
Shiri Perciger Head of Marketing
Tom Brand Product
Board Members
Harish Devarajan Independant Board Member
Matt Huang Board Member
Joey Krug Board Observer
Scientific Advisors
Avi Wigderson Scientific Advisor
Madhu Sudan Scientific Advisor
Shubhangi Saraf Scientific Advisor
Swastik Kopparty Scientific Advisor
Naval Ravikant Advisor
Balaji Srinivasan Advisor
Joseph Lubin Advisor
Tom Glocer Advisor
Zak Stone Advisor

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