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StarkWare solves the two most pressing problems of permissionless blockchains: scalability and privacy. StarkWare’s cryptographic proofs are zero-knowledge, succinct, transparent and post-quantum secure.

  • Founded 2018
  • Founders Eli Ben-Sasson, Alessandro Chiesa, Michael Riabzev, Uri Kolodny
  • Team 60
  • Funding Raised $151M in equity, and a $12M grant from the Ethereum Foundation.


Our scaling solutions use STARK-based validity proofs to ensure a secure, fast and seamless user experience.

StarkNet: a Permissionless Decentralized ZK-Rollup

Any developer can deploy any dApp, using smart contracts and achieve unlimited scale.

StarkEx: a Standalone ZK-Rollup SaaS

dApps can build on the StarkEx service, which supports a range of use cases out of the box: NFT minting & trading, derivative trading, AMM, spot trading, payments, and DeFi Pooling


Eli Ben-Sasson

Eli is a co-founder and president of StarkWare and Chairman of its Board of Directors.

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Uri Kolodny

Uri is a co-founder and CEO at StarkWare and a member of its Board of Directors.

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Michael Riabzev

Michael is a co-founder and Chief Architect at StarkWare. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Technion Israel Institute for Technology.

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Alessandro Chiesa

Alessandro is a co-founder and Chief Scientist (in the West) at StarkWare. Alessandro is a faculty member in Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

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A Thundering Herd: The Rise of L2-Native dApps

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Fractal Scaling: From L2 to L3

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