Active Accounts
Cumulative Number Of Transactions
110M Tx
Max daily TPS

Scaling with Starknet

Starknet is live on Mainnet, providing developers and users with massive scaling, fast transactions, and low costs.

Developers can harness Starknet's power to implement their business logic of choice in a permissionless manner.

Starknet Appchains allow to benefit Starknet's scaling power and tools, while adjusting the network's configuration, and implementing unique features.


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Scalability and Integrity

Starknet operates as a Layer 2, providing scale and Ethereum-level security by producing STARK proofs off-chain, and then sends those proofs on-chain.

General Purpose

Developers can deploy any business logic on Starknet, benefiting from the advantages of Cairo, Account Abstraction, and other features.


Starknet provides Ethereum-level composability – facilitating easy development, innovation, and creativity.

Starknet Provisions Program

The Starknet Foundation is proud to introduce Provisions!
Members of various groups who have helped advance Starknet, including Starknet users and builders, Ethereum contributors and stakers, and builders of select projects, may claim provisions.

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Starknet Milestones

General computation
Native Account Abstraction
Solidity to Cairo Compiler
StarkGate Alpha: Starknet Bridge
Establishment of Starknet Foundation
Starknet Token on Mainnet
Starknet First Governance Vote
Range of Data Availability Solutions Coming Soon
Permissionless Sequencer and Prover Coming Soon

Underlying Technologies

Starknet’s underlying technologies have been battle-tested in production.


Starknet Contracts and the Starknet OS itself are written in Cairo, our programming language for STARK-proving general computation. Cairo makes it easier and faster to develop, review and maintain code. Cairo has been in production on Ethereum Mainnet since June 2020.


The STARK Prover powers the StarkEx scalability engine and has settled over 400M txs and over $1T worth of trades on Ethereum Mainnet.


STARK Verifiers have been deployed on Ethereum Mainnet since 2019. The Cairo Verifier, which can verify the proof of any Cairo program (including Starknet, and all StarkEx deployments), has been deployed on Mainnet since July 2020.

Starknet Appchains

Starknet Appchains are instances of Starknet that power a specific application (or a host of applications). Setting up a Starknet appchain can be done in several ways using the Starknet Stack.

Operating an app-specific Starknet appchain allows configuring the network’s block size, latency, data availability mode, fees, consensus mechanism, and more, according to the unique requirements of the application. Appchains also enable the implementation of unique features and logic that are not available on the public Starknet network.

In addition to the adjusted configuration and unique features, appchains benefit from Starknet’s technology, including massive throughput, native Account Abstraction, and Ethereum level of security, as well as the tools and infrastructure that are part of the public network.

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