Any Use Case, Any Size

Implement your own solution with StarkNet, or opt for a tailor-made solution with StarkEx. Either way, you harness the power of STARK technology, and achieve unlimited scale for any dApp.

Any Use Case

Whatever your idea, the programming tools to realize it already exist. Cairo, the Turing-complete programming language, can be quickly deployed for any use case. It facilitates L2 solutions which offer full interoperability with L1. Since June 2020, STARKs have powered a variety of use-cases on Mainnet, settling over $100B in cumulative trading, and tens of millions of transactions

Any Size

Whatever the project size, STARK technology can power it. Today’s STARK solutions give you even greater scaling ability than before; The first generation of STARK solutions radically scaled blockchain and reduced gas costs by batching thousands of transactions from a single application, and processing them via just one proof. Now, STARK solutions also pack together batches from several disparate applications into a single proof. This is the blockchain equivalent of sharing a cab with others, for efficiency.

Find Your Use Case

NFTs: Mass-minting of NFTs off-chain delivers huge savings in gas costs. STARK scaling dramatically removes the cost barrier that was holding them back. It propels them into the hands of masses of people who can now purchase them at an affordable price. 
The blockchain fantasy soccer game
Sorare is using this tech, and saves $Ms in gas fees every week. Sorare and Immutable X now mint millions of NFTs every week, at an amortized cost of under 10 gas/NFT.

Perpetual Contracts Trading: with the need to rely on frequent price feed updates for numerous assets, this rich-data business logic is simply not viable on L1 at a reasonable cost, but is now thriving on L2.
dYdX uses StarkEx to power its perpetual contracts, showcasing the ability to handle billions of dollars daily in trades, and as a result, growing their business by 500X. 

Spot Trading: unprecedented scale, without the normal down-sides in liquidity, privacy, speed and fees. 

Since DeFi platform DeversiFi moved to StarkEx, it is able to settle trades at a better price than users signed, decrease minimum order-sizes, and keep trade history private for traders.

Payments made Simple: from large business contracts to p2p payments.

DeFi Strategies: previously the preserve of Whales (affluent traders), DeFi can be widely accessible to everyone thanks to DeFi Pooling

Voting and guaranteeing fair election results.

AMMs: Novel AMM designs are possible using our technology, including dAMM, a design where liquidity is shared across multiple independent L2 solutions.

Data Management; monitoring supply chains, managing medical information, maintaining real estate records, tracking royalties in the music industry, and more.

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