Powering Scalable Self-Custodial Transactions

Scalability & Self-Custody
StarkEx leverages STARK technology to power scalable self-custodial transactions (trading & payments) for applications such as cryptocurrency exchanges, gaming platforms, and dApps. Integrating with StarkEx allows an application to significantly improve its offering and bring in new business, while requiring very little changes to its existing setup.

ERC-20 and ERC-721 Support
StarkEx currently supports ETH, ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, and can readily support tokens on other EVM-compatible blockchains.

In Production on Mainnet
StarkEx is a mature platform that has been deployed on Ethereum Mainnet since June 2020. Prior to its deployment on Mainnet, we’ve completed over 50M transactions on both public and private Ethereum testnets.

Choosing between ZK-Rollup and Validium
StarkEx supports different data availability modes. It can be deployed with on-chain data (aka ZK-Rollup), off-chain data (aka Validium). Furthermore, StarkWare has designed a novel solution, Volition, where users can dynamically choose whether they want their own data on-chain or off-chain.

Wallets Integration
StarkEx offers a frictionless user experience. It is integrated into multiple wallets. StarkEx has native integration into Ledger and Authereum. It is integrated into MetaMask (StarkWare is a Design Partner for the MetaMask Snap plug-in system). Finally, StarkEx is also integrated into WalletConnect, Argent, Portis, and Tor.us.

Spot Trading, Perpetual Trading, NFTs Off-Chain Minting and Trading
StarkEx is deployed for DeversiFi to scale their non-custodial crypto trading.
It is also integrated into dYdX, powering their perpetual trading platform, as well las integrated into Immutable X, Immutable's platform for NFT minting and trading.


Trustless Scalability

Leveraging ZK-STARK technology, StarkEx drastically reduces gas cost per transaction without requiring any trust assumptions by the users.


Designed to power self-custodial dApps, StarkEx employs innovative anti-censorship mechanisms to ensure that users’ funds are always in their custody.

Production-Grade and Flexible

StarkEx is live on Ethereum Mainnet, providing a robust and secure scaling solution to a wide range of decentralized exchanges, including spot trading, derivatives, and NFTs. AMM support is coming soon.

StarkEx can be deployed in either ZK-Rollup mode (on-chain data), or Validium mode (off-chain data).

One STARK to Rule Them All

StarkEx is written in Cairo, our Turing-complete language that is fully integrated with the STARK proof system. This allows StarkEx to serve any business logic easily and frictionlessly.

The computational integrity of all Cairo program executions is verified by a single Verifier smart contract, thus offering dApps greater security and shorter time-to-market.