STARK @ Home : Micro & Macro Musings on Tokenomics


In the dynamic and relatively nascent worlds of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the science and philosophy of tokenomics are just starting to crystallize. Spearheading this intellectual voyage are Prof. Noam Nisan and Prof. Eli Ben Sasson, luminaries in the realms of Algorithmic Game Theory and Arithmetization within Proof Systems. Currently amplifying the research and innovation at StarkWare, they offer a dual perspective on the complexities and opportunities within the sphere of digital currencies.

This enlightening session will traverse the intricate landscape of Proof of Stake micro-tokenomics and delve into the sophisticated architecture of Fee Mechanism Design for Validity Rollups. Beyond these specific areas, the conversation will broaden to address the holistic evolution of Tokenomics as an emerging field, identifying current challenges, opportunities for growth, and theoretical underpinnings that could shape the future of blockchain economies.

Designed to cater to both the uninitiated and the blockchain savvy, this dialogue between Prof. Nisan and Prof. Eli Ben Sasson is poised to shed light on the micro and macroeconomic theories that are emerging from the digital currency ecosystem. Engage with their profound insights and forward-thinking discussions that not only unravel the current state of tokenomics but also speculate on its trajectory in the coming years.

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