Build your own STARK prover from scratch with our online tutorial

Online Tutorial

Getting Started

STARK 101 is a hands-on tutorial on how to write a STARK prover from scratch (in Python).

1 Statement, Low Degree Extension, and Commitment
2 Polynomial Constraints
3 FRI Commitment
4 FRI Queries

Each section has a short explainer video and a Jupyter practice Notebook. To use the Notebook, you can either install it locally via our GitHub repository, or run it online via Binder.

The tutorial assumes familiarity with Python and some mathematical background (summary here, including finite field arithmetics).

STARK 101 was originally a live workshop, held in Tel Aviv in September 2019 as part of StarkWare Sessions.

To run the tutorial online via Binder Start Here

Lesson 1 | Part I: Statement, LDE & Commitment

Introducing the statement we will be proving and the concepts of Low Degree Extension (LDE) and commitment using Merkle tree.

Lesson 2 | Part II: Polynomial Constraints

Create a set of polynomial constraints, reduce the original statement to a new one, create a composition polynomial and commit on it.

Lesson 3 | Part III: FRI Commitment

Dive into the FRI protocol and use it to prove that a polynomial is close to one of a bounded degree.

Lesson 4 | Part IV: The Proof

We tie it all together to build an end to end proof.

Lesson 5 | STARK 101 – Finale

A recap, and some ideas on what you can do next.

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